I received a sample of Old Navy Active Wear Pants for me and 3 of my friends from Crowdtap!

I have shared this unique company, Crowdtap, with many of you before and even have it posted on my website as my #1 favorite Survey and Sample site.  I received a coupon for a FREE pair of Old Navy Active Wear pants from them for me and 3 of my friends.  I have been very excited about this opportunity!  I redeemed my coupon at our local Old Navy store here in Barstow.  I sent one coupon to one of my dear friends, Alayne, who lives in Louisiana.  I gave one of the coupons to my Step-mom, Angel and the other to my Sister-in-law, Christine.  We all love our Active wear pants and all use them for different activities.  I for one am on a weight loss journey, after having 5 kids, 4 in the past 6 years, I have gained a lot of unnecessary weight. These pants have definitely encouraged me to take my weight loss to the next level!  Before I received these pants I had stated, "I have recently lost 11 pounds and plan on wearing these pants to continue walking and working out."  I am happy to report these pants have done just that!  I lost 9 more pounds in the last 2 weeks!  For a total of 20 pounds!  I am excited to continue doing so and will definitely be purchasing a few more of these workout pants that you can view here, Old Navy workout pants. These pants are very comfortable and fit perfectly, they are a soft cotton that breathes easy. I got the Women's Fold Over Yoga pants.

  My step-mom is using these to do her Zumba class and has nothing but positive things to say about these pants, including she looks very stylish. My friend, Alayne, is wearing these as lounge pants at home and has said, "I love,love,love comfy pants at home, and have had very few pairs that were this soft and nice."  My Sister-in-law said, "As soon as she put the pants on she wanted start working out."  She also stated," I have never felt such a comfy pair of workout pants before."

The 4 of us Love our pants and would like to thank Old Navy, and Crowdtap for the wonderful opportunity! I would recommend for anybody to try these pants! You will like them!