Crowdtap Sample Share for Old Navy Jeans

I received a Sample Share for a friend and I from Crowdtap for Old Navy Jeans!


My Boot cut pants from Old Navy!

   I definitely found my go to jeans in this sampling event!  I have always loved Old Navy Jeans!  I am in love with them and am now completely Brand loyal!  I love how these Jeans fit.  They are very comfortable and stylish.  I love jeans, they are definitely my number one must haves before walking out the front door.

My favorite style is the Womens Bootcut Jeans.  I love how these Jeans fit my body shape perfectly!  They are definitely a comfortable fit and they fit my style.

I plan on wearing my jeans out shopping, to my kids school, and on a date night with my husband. These jeans are versitile and I could wear them anywhere and pair them with a number of outfits for different occasions.

I do plan on purchasing more jeans from Old Navy in the future. Old Navy has won my heart and is now the number one place I shop for my children and I.

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Rebecca showing off her Bell Bottom Jeans from Old Navy!