Sample Share from Crowdtap: Turn Heads this Winter in Old Navy Outerwear!

I was chosen as an Old Navy fashionista from Crowdtap and received a Sample Share for Old Navy outerwear for me and a friend!

I received this from Crowdtap:

“Since you’re an Old Navy fashionista who loves looking stylish all year round, you have been selected for a chance to participate in Old Navy’s OUTERWEAR event!  You are a lucky member of the stylish and influential Old Navy Style Council who may have a chance to redeem a coupon in-store for a free winter coat of your choice! If selected, make sure to share the bottom coupon with 1 of your gal pals so she can get her hands on a brand new coat as well…sorry ladies, you’re not allowed to redeem them both yourself! We know you’re an Old Navy influencer and that if you are selected for this exclusive offer, you and your friend will be able to spread the word about which Old Navy coats you picked and what you think about them! Old Navy has some AWESOME outerwear this season, so make sure to check out the great selection of winter accessories to wear with your new coat as well! We’d love to see how GREAT you look in your new coat, so be sure to post some pics on Facebook and tag Old Navy in them! And, of course, make sure to share your thoughts by submitting a review and some pics of you in your new outerwear on Crowdtap! ”

A few weeks later I received these in the mail from Crowdtap:

I chose my friend Daneille to do the sample share with me. My friend and I Daneille went to Old Navy and walked in the front doors and immediately saw where the outerwear was located. There was a wide variety of coats to choose from but, I was looking for a particular one I had spotted online and couldn’t find it. Immediately after looking for that coat I had turned around and spotted the Women’s Wool- Blend Car Coat in Black and just knew it was the coat for me. Daneille tried on a few different colors and tried on the white and it was perfect for her. I tried on the black one and knew that my first was my final choice. I bought a new pair of jeans, and a few shirts to pair with my new outerwear to look even more fabulous. I was very pleased with the sales that I got. The customer service at the Old Navy at Tanger Outlet in Lenwood California is awesome!  They remember me each time I go shopping there. I love the quality of service they provide.

Daneille trying on coats:

This coat is the Old Navy Women’s Wool- Blend Car Coat in Black I received from a Sample Share from Crowdtap, and Old Navy :

                Me in my choice:

I chose the Old Navy’s Women’s Wool-Blend Car Coat in Black. I love my coat. It is stylish, comfortable and warm. I do think I found my favorite winter coat of the season in this sampling. I was impressed with the warmth of the coat and the styling. Normally you would get the style and not the warmth or the warmth without the style. I am happy to have found both in this Old Navy’s Outerwear sampling of my choice!  I was very happy with the choices we had to choose from The Old Navy’s Outerwear collection. There were a lot of variety online as well as in the store. It was easy to find in the store. I wanted so many of the stylish coats, but am very pleased with the coat I have chosen. I believe Old navy outerwear is on track for its styling this season.  I plan and do wear my Old Navy coat daily!  I have put my other coats back in the closet. I love the sophisticatedness of the coat I have chosen.  I like to wear it everywhere!  It is perfect for all occassions.  I do plan to purchase more Old Navy outerwear items in the future. I have my eye on another coat that I absolutely LOVE!  I will be getting it soon!   I have gone shopping wearing my coat a lot this holiday season, and have received a lot of feedback.  Many people stop to ask me where I have gotten my coat. I always have to smile and explain to them where and how I received this fabulous Old Navy Women’s Wool-Blend Car Coat from.

Daneille received the Women’s Wool- Blend Car Coat in White :

Daneille in her choice:

Daneille with her coupon while we are waiting in line:

If you would like to check out what Old Navy Outerwear you want to “Turn Heads this Winter ” ; check it out here:

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Thank you Crowdtap and Old Navy!  Your companies are awesome!