Crowdtap- Sweat It Out in Old Navy Activewear!

Since you love gearing up in style for the gym, you have been selected for a chance to participate in Old Navy’s ACTIVEWEAR event! That’s right—you are a lucky member of the stylish and influential Old Navy Style Council who may have a chance to redeem a coupon in-store for an activewear outfit of your choice! Get psyched because Old Navy’s selection of activewear is the outstanding this season!  If selected, make sure to share the bottom coupon with 1 of your gal pals so she can get her hands on activewear as well…sorry ladies, you’re not allowed to redeem them both yourself. We know you’re an Old Navy influencer and that if you are selected for this exclusive offer, you and your friend will be able to spread the word about your activewear samples!   We’d love to see how GREAT you look in your cool new activewear, so be sure to post some pics on Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest and tag Old Navy in them! And, of course, make sure to share your thoughts by submitting a review and some pics of you in your new activewear on Crowdtap!


How was the selection of activewear at your local Old Navy store?

The selection in my local Old Navy store was excellent!  I found exactly what I’ve been wanting right away!

What did you think of the quality and fit of your activewear?

The quality and fit of the activewear I picked is perfect for me. I chose a compression work outoutfit that I have had my eye on for awhile.

Have you worn your Old Navy activewear while exercising? How did it compare to other activewear that you own?

Yes,  I have. It provides more support.

Would you purchase additional Old Navy activewear? Why or why not?

Yes, I always purchase my activewear  from Old  Navy.  I do that because  of the great prices, and quality of the clothes.

Please list any ways you would improve Old Navy activewear.

The only issue I have had with the activewear is fading of a previous pair I purchased. I wore them a lot and they faded within a couple washes. Other then that I wouldn’t change a thing!

Tell us the details! Did you have a fun activewear sampling experience? Did you have a good time browsing through Old Navy’s Activewear collection? What did you think of the selection?