From Crowdtap, An Old Navy Sample and Share . It’s Tee time at Old Navy!

I received a sample and share from Old Navy and Crowdtap!

Here is the description:
Since you love styling it up in Old Navy clothes, you have been selected for a chance to participate in Old Navy’s Tee Sampling! That’s right—you are a lucky member of the stylish and influential Old Navy Style Council who may have a chance to redeem a coupon in-store for two tees of your choice! Get psyched because Old Navy’s selection of tees are great this season! If selected, make sure to share the bottom coupon with 1 of your gal pals so she can get her hands on two tees as well…sorry ladies, you’re not allowed to redeem them both yourself. We know you’re an Old Navy influencer and that if you are selected for this exclusive offer, you and your friend will be able to spread the word about your tee samples! We’d love to see how GREAT you look in your cute new tees, so be sure to post some pics on Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest and tag Old Navy in them! And, of course, make sure to share your thoughts by submitting a review and some pics of you in your new tees on Crowdtap!