WooliteWashed In-Home Boutique! From Crowdtap and Woolite!

I received FREE samples of Woolite from Crowdtap and Woolite to have a WooliteWashed Boutique with friends!

The following describes what I was expected to do:
Have you ever looked at your jam-packed closet & thought, “I have nothing to wear?” clothing swaps are a great way to clear out your closet and get some new clothes without having to hit the mall (there’s probably a few items of your friends’ that you’ve always coveted anyway). This is your chance to bring the glitz & fashion of the woolitewashed boutique from soho in nyc to your block! get your friends to gather up their lightly worn wardrobe pieces that they no longer wear & get them to swap for “new-to-you” items! here’s the plan: • invite your friends and tell them to bring at least 3-5 garments or accessories that have been gently loved and they’d like to swap • decorate your home to look like a chic boutique • once everyone arrives put all the garments on display • Get shopping! Try on everything and see who can make the best outfits • Give your guests a space to try on clothes and encourage your friends to create multiple outfits.

The ladies and I had a blast trying on clothes and taking pictures!